Luxury Tented Safaris

Most people associate tents and camping with a sore back and tight squeeze but luxury tented camping is so far from uncomfortable that many travellers prefer it to lodges. With a luxury tented camp, you are one step closer to the great outdoors without moving one inch away from comfort.

The luxurious open-styled tents create a glamorous awareness of one’s natural surroundings. The beauty of the outdoors is seamlessly brought indoors. Sunrise is your morning alarm and the call of the wild is your lullaby. Camping in luxury rejuvenates the senses in spectacular style thanks to five-star pleasures.

Southern and East Africa is positively brimming with luxury tented camping options, many with a particular focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible. The diversity of these camps is just as impressive, spanning across magnificent landscapes and unique wildlife.

There is something thrilling about staying in a tent on safari. Instead of being shut away behind brick and glass, enjoy the glow of lantern light on canvas walls and drift off to sleep to the sounds of the African night. And if your idea of staying in a tent means having to rough it; you’re in for a wonderful surprise: Africa’s top tented camps offer a softer kind of adventure with all the comfort and the trimmings you’d expect from a luxury safari lodge.

From Hemingway-style mobile safari camps set up in exclusive sites to massive tented suites with everything from private pools to polished wooden floors, we’ve combed the continent for our selection of Africa’s best tented safari camps.

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