About Gundua Africa Adventure

HUMUD IBRAHIM MAGOMA is the head Guide and founder of Gundua Africa Adventure Ltd. With his long experience in the East Africa tourism field of more than 15yrs, we decided to extend his Professionalism in the industry by opening a firm to cater for that. Our customers are always admiring his extensive knowledge of guiding in top travel destinations in Tanzania and East Africa as a whole. Humud has dedicated his entire life in his profession on Flora and Fauna. He loves nature and I can say he is gifted in guiding tourists in our unique attractions through the best itineraries that excel expectations and satisfaction of our clients. On his role as director of operations, he makes sure, we come up with a new unbeaten route and making sure all operations move smoothly. Still, leading groups to the filed assuring that all our clients are safe all the time. Imagine when you are travelling with him you feel you are accompanied by a teacher with his extensive knowledge and education of different types of species of birds and all types of wild animals in Tanzania.

taken by our customers